Puerto Rico Street Art and More

Puerto Rico may be 100×35, but its known for being the house and muse of a big range of street artist. Thur out the island you would find all sorts of Murals, Stencil, Canvas, Graffiti Stickers and more. Each piece holds its own unique style and values that defines the artist. Puerto Rico not only is the home of some amazing artist born and raised here. We are host to artist that travel to be inspired and leave their mark or influence in our island. In this page you will find some of the art that you can see thru out the island. My appreciation and new found love of street art came due to a resent trip to Europe to visit my sister, her and her husband are very into street art. Their passion for it was contagious and I couldn’t resist exploring the street art thur out Europe. I have to say they are the main force that introduced me to world  of street art. Now I walk around the city is a whole new experience just to be in the look out for a new piece of art. Its like being in your own personal scavenger hunt. So with this would like to share the things I have seen around the island of Puerto Rico. Enjoy! More updates to come!


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IMG_7397 IMG_7393

Juan Salgado


Xavier Muñoz

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